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About Nora Maria

Two years ago I kicked off my own photography business. It was never my intention to make a business out of photography. I basically just bought a camera because I enjoyed taking photos so much. I decided to share my work on Instagram and two years later I was getting so many requests that I decided it would be a waste not do something with it. 


So here I am, writing a piece for you to introduce myself as Ive recently reached 35k followers! I still cannot believe it! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found my page and it means you’re interested in my work. Which means I owe you a HUGE thank you because it’s thanks to you (among others) that my website and business have become a reality.


Besides shooting the city I have recently discovered that taking photos of people is also something I really enjoy. That’s why besides selling my prints I am also available as photographer. Its such an honor to be able to capture those important moments for people!

It's my goal to show you what Amsterdam is all about and what it has to offer that's why a new addition to my business is writing about and capturing its hospitality, history and hidden gems. This way I hope to  inspire you on your stay here.

This is not all, besides all this I  work part-time as a teacher. I love this job and try my best to be a good teacher, listener, coach and inspiration for my students. 


So anyway, I am pretty busy with my job as a teacher and my photography business. Last but not least I am mother of two amazing little girls. They always come first. Fun little fact is behind the scenes they are usually always with me on my adventures.


Sometimes it’s hard to find balance in everything as I always want everything at the same time and I feel like all that I do needs to be perfect.I also have a lot of friends and family that I like to spend time with.  I wish my days consisted of 40 hours instead of 24!

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