Cycleseeing in the Amsterdam Area

I very often get messages of people asking me “Where should I go when I am in Amsterdam? ” and I usually find it hard to think of a good answer because there’s so much to see! Now Cycleseeing Amsterdam has provided me with the answer!! They offer you a series of cycle routes from the city centre to attractions just outside the city. Last weekend I got to visit villages that are older than Amsterdam and admire beautiful Dutch scenery. 

Amsterdam & partners partnered up with Cycleseeing Amsterdam for a 2 days social tour during which I was able to experience a whole new

beautiful world surrounding the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

From Haarlem to Rapa Nui through paradise

Our day started at Amsterdam Centraal where we took the train to Haarlem (another gorgeous city which is only 20 minutes away) where our ebikes where waiting for us. We hopped on the ebikes and started the first part of our cycleseeing journey: The Route to Zandvoort aan Zee and our lunch destination Rapa Nui. I can’t begin to describe how breathtaking the beach route was. The route took us right through the dunes and it felt like I was in a completely different country as the scenery was so different from what one is used to around here. I believe it’s something you shouldn’t miss out on if you happen to be in the Amsterdam Area. 

From Amsterdam North to the Paradise that lies beyond

Second part of the day we had returned to

Amsterdam Centraal where we took the ferry to Amsterdam Noord where a new set of ebikes were waiting for us. Now we took a different route discovering the Waterland.

This route had me fall in love with traditional Dutch villages and countryside. Winmills, cows, sheep, beautiful houses along the way and cute little villages even older than Amsterdam.

We also decided to take an optional side trip to Het Twiske, which was beautiful and if the weather allows it it’s also a very nice place to have a swim.

So if you find yourself wondering what to do when you’re visiting Amsterdam. Cycleseeing Amsterdam is definitely worth your while.

All photos used for this blogpost were taken during our trip by Anne Dijkstra. Check out more of her work here!