The Seafood Bar at Spui

Fons de Visscher had been a respected fishmonger in Helmond, Brabant for 27 years, for a new adventure. Driven by his passion for fish, Fons created The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam. The first Seafood Bar opened its doors in 2012 at the van Baerlestraat. Later he opened The Seafood Bar at Spui, which I got to visit last Sunday for lunch.  The Restaurant immediately called out to me as I walked onto the Spui Square as it’s located in a authentic old building (as you can see on the photo on the right). The place was quite packed so I was very happy I had made a reservation and managed to get a table outside on the terrace where the waitress – who was very sweet and polite – soon came to bring me the menu.  As the place looks very nice and fancy I secretly expected the prizes to be quite high but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how fair they were!

Lunch at the Seafood Bar - Spui

I came with a friend to have lunch and we both love  shellfish so we ordered the fruits de mer plateau which consisted of a combination of cold crustaceans and shellfish; mussels, cockles, razor clams, marinated salmon, white clams, North Sea crab, shrimps, crab salad, seaweed salad, 2 oysters, 1/2 lobster, langoustines, prawns and snow crab. We didn’t leave it at that though. The other options on the menu looked very inviting as well. So we decided to combine it with a plateau of smoked mackarel, shrimps, crab salad and two types of soked salmon (see photo on the left) The portions were of perfect size and everything tasted almost as though it was freshly fished from sea.

What I really liked about the Seafood Bar at Spui is that not only can one sit outside and enjoy the views of the city centre but there’s a lot to see inside too!

The walk to the toilet, past the bar and the tables is a almost a scenic route itself. I say this because the kitchens are open! You can see the cooks at work and even talk to them and ask them questions as they are preparing the food. I thought that it was very impressive to see all the different kinds of fish and shellfish displayed for everyone to see and it was very interesting to see how it got prepared. I found out that The Seafood Bar uses only the best quality and freshest seafood delivered to them daily. The food they use is always unprocessed and free of additives. Furthermore, if available, they make sure to choose Fair Trade, organic and sustainable products.

loved my lunch at the Seafood Bar at Spui and I strongly recommend it to all of my fish loving readers! I do strongly advise you to make a reservation if you want to grab a bite here as I am not the only person who loves it here and it is often very full!